Tips For Legally Blind Folks

For legally blind individuals, it is very necessary to cope and organize their houses in a proper way. In order to help those blind people gain normal life or minimize the potential inconvenience, many efforts can be made associated with everything in daily life. This article provides some of the useful tips which can be utilized to make legally blind folks happy with life.

One helpful tip is to paint stairways in bright colors, especially the edges of stair steps. Climbing upstairs can be dangerous for legal blind people because they may fail to see an additional step. By painting the steps, they can perceive them more easily. It is also helpful to use a strip of reflective tape.

Furniture in a house should not be rearranged if there is a member who is legally blind. Few things can be done towards furniture. Since family members all have been accustomed to the positions of different furniture, rearrangement may cause a legally blind member to suffer difficulty in recognizing the moved furniture. In an extreme case, other members are responsible for telling the blind member about exactly what has been moved.

For legally blind individuals, it is necessary to discard all socks they used before getting blindness. They can buy 7 pairs of one color of socks. Remember to get colored socks in a single color. This way eliminates matching when they want to put on their socks.

Even clothes require special consideration. Legally blind folks should coordinate all clothing so that matching them requires little effort. In general, they need to buy printed or stripped tops and solid pants or skirts. Navy and khaki pants are the right choice because they can easily match all colors of shirts.

They can still use “bubbles” on the remove control, microwave and telephone. Made of plastic, these self-sticking bubbles are available from merchants selling items which assist the handicapped. These bubbles can be set in any areas they want.